EDFD 459

Through out the semester of EDFD 459 I feel i have gained a significant about of knowledge on a wide range of learning spaces, especially my own. 

Being able to learn about learning spaces then go on prac and see if first hand was a great experience. The opportunity to design my own classroom and my blog has been fun and something I have never done before and I feel ill be able to use these new skills in the future. 

Learning through communication on leo has been a different experience, I have found it interesting to read others comments and suggestions especially when it came to assessment. 


Learning at PRAC

Well for the past four weeks I have been placed in a 2/3 classroom and this was an amazing learning space as a pre-service teacher. 

I was able to gain a lot of knowledge whilst on prac and I was able to learn about myself as a teacher. It was interesting to see students different learning spaces, from some needing to sit away on their own in a quite corner to some liking working with a partner. 

It was good to see different learning space in real time and to see what we have been working on in real life in front of me. 🙂 

Glass House Mountains lesson incorporating the Aboriginal 8 ways of learning

This lesson is designed for my prac class (Year2 ) in History they are looking at the Glass House Mountains and are posing questions to find historical information about the site. 

Lesson: introduction to the Glass House Mountains 


  • The Histroy of a significant person, building, site or part of natural environment in the local community and what it reveals about the past- (ACHHK044)
  • pose Questions about the past using sources provided- (ACHHS049)

Lesoon objectives

  • Students will have the opportunity to arrange a series of events in chronological order. 
  • Students will have a greater understanding of the GHM and its historical significance 

8 Aboriginal ways

Story Sharing – the Students will engage in the story telling of the Gubbi Gubbi people and their link to the GHM
Non-verbal – Students will arrange a serious of hisotrical dates in chrological order. 
Deconstruct Reconstruct – The class will cut all dates out and construct them into order from past to present. 

Community Link- The link to the GHM and our community is discussed through group discussion and the link between the Gubbi Gubbi people and the GHM is discussed within the class dicussion. 

The Electronic learning space

I definitely think that the extreme advances in technology are beneficial for student learning. Without being exposed to the ways that iPads and interactive white boards can be used, I still would have had a reluctant nature toward using these technologies. Although I still agree that these tools should be used in moderation, being on teaching placement and seeing them in practice has certainly changed my view.

The fact that the children can really get involved and the teacher can display the concept being taught in such an engaging and interactive manner with the use of a IWB had me quite amazed. I don’t remember these being used when I was in Primary school. The educational games and applications students can use on the iPad to aid them in their learning also appear very valuable. Students are now exposed to opportunities to get creative with multimedia applications on both the iPad and computer and this has given me a good insight into the constant gains children are making with the influence of electronic technologies. Without relying on it wholly in teaching but using is appropriately to account for certain learning aspects I think is rather advantageous.

Technology should most definitely be a significant part of student learning as it is forever evolving and it is helpful for the children to be aware of it. It is pretty clear that it’s a major part of their lives now and the fact that it also enhances learning in such a positive manner is much reason why I think teachers should be more lenient and open for it in teaching and learning in the 21st century.

web 2.0 tool

When dicsussing about Web 2.0 some ask what does that mean? It’s pretty simple  as it referes to the World wide Web. People all over the world have the opportunity to share and discuss  ideas and information to friends, family and the public. You have the opportunity to interact with others and find out their opinions on particualr topics you are seeking.

Web 2.0 is extremly helpful as a learning space for both the students, parents and teachers. Teachers have the opporunity to teach and interact with students through online interactions also have the opportunity to stay in touch with parents about their children.